About Us

Our Business

Fishy Delishy is all about friends and family, and our customers are the same: even though we are based in Cheshunt, Potters Bar with a new store in Waltham Cross, they come from all over Hertfordshire and North London to buy the highest quality fish and chips available.

Please take a look at Our Menu page for more information on our fresh, healthy ingredients. Family is the most important aspect of our lives, and all of our friends are part of our family.

Our promise that we use only the highest-quality, fresh ingredients combined with our famous customer service experience means that Fishy Delishy is the best treat for your friends and family.

At Fishy Delishy, we firmly believe that a stranger is just a friend you haven’t met yet, so and say “Hi” Fishy Delishy Waltham Cross

Ferhat & Murat AKKAYA

Our Culture

Respect – Our business has been built on a foundation of respect: respect for each other, respect for our customers, and respect for great products and service.

Trust – In business, as with family, trust is everything. Our customers trust us to provide the highest quality of food and service available, and we do everything in our power to deliver.

Excellence – We always strive for excellence. The way we see it; if we’re not the best, we’re not doing it right!

Teamwork – As a family, we love working together. We know each other, and we want each other to succeed. We do this by helping each other whenever possible.

Fun – What is the point of life without fun? We love what we do, our customers and our team, so having fun while working comes naturally to us.

Our Team

We are always looking for ways to innovate and improve the level of service we are able to offer to our customers.

Fishy Delishy is owned and operated by brothers Ferhat and Murat Akkaya, whom are passionate about delivering the highest standards of fresh food and customer service.

To this end, we always ensure we have access to the latest technology and are constantly reinventing our menus to offer our customers only premium calibre products for the most reasonable available prices.

Our team receives the highest levels of customer service training, allowing them to naturally develop a rapport with our regulars, and leading to an enhanced eye for detail. Our team thrives on exceeding our customers.

Why Choose Fishy Delishy

Fish and Chips has been the UK’s favourite food for over 150 years, and is available anywhere, so why choose Fishy Delishy? We are passionate about providing the best quality food at the best available price while giving our customers an amazing experience. This in essence, is the spirit of Fishy Delishy. This is why we constantly strive to ensure that our products are responsibly produced in a sustainable environment and that we use the healthiest ingredients available on the market. All of these points are important because we love great food and owe it to our children to ensure they can enjoy fish and chips with their families too!

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