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The Home of Great Fish and Chips

Enjoy the best our local area has to offer. All our fish are cooked fresh to order. Our ingredients are from ecologically-responsible and sustainable sources. At Fishy Delishy we pride ourselves in providing great traditional Fish and Chips with exceptional customer service, which will keep you coming back for more.

Handcrafted Burgers & Beers

In addition to the fish and chips, Fishy Delishy also offers selection of handcrafted burgers and an extensive range of award-winning craft beers and ales. Our Burgers are made from 100% fresh and top quality ingredients where our chefs make the burgers by hand on a daily basis to ensure you can enjoy the tastiest and freshest burgers around. Each of our delicious Handcrafted Burgers is sure to delight, and with so many options to choose from. Come enjoy one of our incredible Handcrafted Burgers and a refreshing pint in our comfortable, relaxed atmosphere at Fishy Delishy Restaurant today!



All of our potatoes are individually inspected prior to cutting, to ensure all of our chips are fluffy on the inside and crispy and golden on the outside.


All of our fish is purchased from the world-famous Billingsgate or Grimsby fish markets and only from ecologically-responsible, sustainable sources.


All of our food is fried in only 100% rapeseed (or canola) oil. This ensures a crisp, clean flavour and is much healthier than traditional beef drippings and palm oil.


All of our equipment is regularly maintained to ensure that your food is prepared to the highest possible standards. On top of this, we are constantly investing in the latest technological innovations, such as new fryers, to ensure our customers receive the best food possible.


All of our batter is supplied by Middleton Food Products, a family-run company with 50 years experience in delivering high-quality batters, always mixed to perfection.


All of our staff have received the highest levels of food safety training, to ensure our premises is not just tidy, but clean enough to eat in! We are very proud to have been awarded a 5-Star Hygiene certificate from Broxbourne Council.

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