Fact: You can only make the best food if you use the best ingredients.

This is why we always ensure that our ingredients are purchased from ecologically-responsible, sustainable sources. We want to continue making great fish and chips for years to come.

Our Potatoes

All of our potatoes are individually inspected prior to cutting, to ensure all of our chips are fluffy on the inside and crispy and golden on the outside.

Our Fish

All of our fish is purchased from the world-famous Billingsgate or Grimsby fish markets and only from ecologically-responsible, sustainable sources.

Our Oil

All of our food is fried in only 100% rapeseed (or canola) oil. This ensures a crisp, clean flavour and is much healthier than traditional beef drippings and palm oil.

Our Batter

All of our batter is supplied by Middleton Food Products, a family-run company with 50 years experience in delivering high-quality batters, always mixed to perfection.

Our Premises

All of our staff have received the highest levels of food safety training, to ensure our premises is not just tidy, but clean enough to eat in! We are very proud to have been awarded a 5-Star Hygiene certificate from Broxbourne Council.

Our Equipment

All of our equipment is regularly maintained to ensure that your food is prepared to the highest possible standards. On top of this, we are constantly investing in the latest technological innovations, such as new fryers, to ensure our customers receive the best food possible.

Fishy Delishy is committed to providing your friends and family with great tasting, high-quality food.  Were you aware that Fish and Chips is one of the healthiest available cooked-to-order take-away options for you and your family?

CONTENT (grams/100g)
Fish & Chips 9.42 595
Pizza 11.00 871
Big Mac Meal (med.) 12.10 888
Whopper Meal (med.) 14.50 892
Chicken Korma 15.50 910
Döner Kebab 12.20 924

We are always looking for ways to innovate and improve the level of service we are able to offer to our customers.  To this end, we always ensure we have access to the latest technology and are constantly reinventing our menus to offer our customers only premium calibre products for the most reasonable available prices.


Why Choose Fishy Delishy

Fish and Chips has been the UK’s favourite food for over 150 years, and is available anywhere, so why choose Fishy Delishy?

We are passionate about providing the best quality food at the best available price while giving our customers an amazing experience.  This in essence, is the spirit of Fishy Delishy. This is why we constantly strive to ensure that our products are responsibly produced in a sustainable environment and that we use the healthiest ingredients available on the market.

All of these points are important because we love great food and owe it to our children to ensure they can enjoy fish and chips with their families too!

We are proud to say that all of our fishes come from sustainable sources